EntertainmentWho is Lisa Trevor? (spoilers)

Who is Lisa Trevor? (spoilers)


Lisa Trevor is a notable character in the Resident Evil canon, appearing in the 2002 remake and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. Her character is pretty popular due to her dark origin story and horrifying mutations.

Spoilers ahead for Netflix Resident Evil season 1

Lisa is included in Resident Evil season 1 on Netflix in old footage and documentation. There is a moment early on where you can pause your screen and read documents Simon sends Jade from the Umbrella Truth website and read about her past.

The show mostly stays true to Lisa’s canon backstory but we’ll get into more detail regarding her purpose in the series below.

Who is Lisa Trevor in Resident Evil?

Lisa Trevor was the victim of human experimentation performed by the Umbrella Corporation. Sometime in the early to mid-1960s, Lisa was abducted by Umbrella and exposed to the Progenitor virus, Birkin later isolated the strain known as the Golgotha Virus (the G-Virus).

From the document that Jade reads on Umbrella’s human trials in Resident Evil episode 3, we learn that Lisa developed superhuman strength and reacted well to the initial virus she was exposed to. However, sources claim to have found Lisa’s diary and in it she says she believed her captors were impersonating her mother, Jessica Trevor.

Lisa believed they had stolen Jessica’s face, so she tried to cut it off to return it to her. The person she attacked’s fate is unknown. After that, Lisa’s condition continued to deteriorate and she became a prisoner and company secret at Umbrella for 28 years. They kept her chained to a bed, fed via intravenous therapy and confined to a wheelchair for limited movement.

In 1988, Umbrella chose Lisa to be a host for a trial parasite. In the game it was the Nemesis Alpha parasite, or NE-α Type. These parasites were meant to replace certain brain functions in a Bio Organic Weapon.

During the implantation process, Lisa’s immune system attacked the parasite and harvested its DNA. The incident caused severe mutations, but also restored a higher level of intelligence. She started collecting faces again, this time killing at least three women.

Umbrella ordered her execution but it didn’t appear to be successful as Lisa had developed regenerative abilities. She escaped to the Arklay Mountains.

Albert Wesker was one of her torturers in the game and is hinted to be one in the show, too, as when Jade and Billie find a video of Lisa in captivity, Albert appears on-screen trying to inject her with something. But we know that (spoiler!) the original Albert and his clones were located in the Arklay Mountains sometime in 2005. It’s possible the Albert we see in the video was the original, and not Billie and Jade’s father.

Interestingly, the data collected and shown in the show, that Jade reads, is drawn almost verbatim from Wesker’s reports and observational files in the 2002 game.

The notes taken by Angel Rubio on Umbrella Truth hint that something similar was happening in Tijuana, hence the Tijuana incident that really kicks off the plot of the Netflix series.

As for Lisa’s mother, Jessica, in the games Jessica is deemed a failed experiment of the Progenitor virus and executed. It’s not clear if she followed the same fate in the show.


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