EntertainmentWhy was the Stranger Things star crying?

Why was the Stranger Things star crying?


Stranger Things breakout star Joseph Quinn made a recent appearance at the London Film and Comic Con fan convention and a video has surfaced of him breaking down in tears. Who made the Eddie Munson actor cry? Below, we’ve broken down and explained all the drama that led up to Joseph Quinn shedding tears at the convention.

Joseph Quinn joined the cast of Stranger Things season 4 as eccentric metalhead and Hellfire Club leader, Eddie Munson. Eddie quickly became a fan favorite and people still can’t get over what happened to him in the fourth season. Still, Joseph has been praised for his portrayal of Eddie, and fans hope to see him reprise his role in the upcoming Stranger Things season 5 in some capacity.

In the days following Stranger Things season 4 volume 2’s release on Netflix, Joseph Quinn has been constantly brought up in the media. Recently, Joseph was caught in the drama between rapper and singer Doja Cat and his fellow Stranger Things co-star Noah Schnapp regarding a private conversation about him being released to the public. However, it’s worth noting that Joseph has not spoken out on the matter, which is probably the best thing to do.

Now, Joseph has been swept up in some drama at what was supposed to be a joyous fan event. However, at least we know he was crying for a good reason.

Why was Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn crying?

During a Q&A session at the London Film and Comic Con event, a fan stood up to thank Joseph for sharing his time with fans and expressing their gratitude to him for his portrayal of Eddie Munson.

Fortunately, the emotional moment was caught on camera. The fan is not seen in the video, but you can hear their voice. The fan is heard saying, “Mine’s not really a question, it’s just more an extension of gratitude. A lot of us have heard of what happened yesterday, whether it’s true or not, about how you were treated. I really want to say, we’re really grateful that you’re sharing your time. Thank you for signing our things, for spending time with us and making our summer.”

Then the fan continues on to say, “I think we’ve all connected to Eddie for one reason or another. Whether we like his taste in music, or that he’s the outsider. I think all of us are a part of Eddie. We’ve travelled far because we really connected with you as well and you made our weekend.”

As the fan speaks, you can see Joseph struggling to hold back tears. As the fan finishes up, Joseph is seen wiping away tears and then says, “Why’d you do that?” in a joking manner. He thanks the fan for their kind words and the event moves on to the next fan question.

What happened to Joseph Quinn at the meet-and-greet?

As reported by Variety, the event oversold tickets to Joseph’s meet-and-greet, so they tried to rush it by not allowing Joseph to spend too much time with each fan. Apparently, Joseph didn’t listen to the staff and security and continued to talk to fans for longer than they would’ve liked.

According to what several fans wrote online, the staff and security were being overly rude to them and Joseph. One fan said, “The way Joseph Quinn was treated at LFCC is fucking disgusting, Staff fully yelled at him to shut the f*ck up and to just sign and not to interact with fans [because] they over sold and couldn’t get all people seen.”

Another fan tweeted, “The way LFCC treated Joseph Quinn was horrendous, I feel so bad for him. both Joe and the fans were treated like sh*t all for LFCC to make as much money as possible. LFCC really need to treat the guests with respect. And the ‘staff’ constantly shouting at you, WTF.”

Although it was horrible how Joseph Quinn was treated by staff and security at London Film and Comic Con, I’m glad he got to hear from fans how much they love and appreciate him.

What do you think about how Joseph Quinn was treated at London Film and Comic Con? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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