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PUI PUI Molcar release date revealed by key visual, PV


A PUI PUI Molcar poster. Pic credit: the Pui Pui Molcar Twitter.

The official Twitter account for the upcoming PUI PUI Molcar anime (PUI PUI モルカー) has revealed a trailer and key visual ahead of the anime’s October 2022 premiere.

According to the same source, the anime will be titled PUI PUI モルカー Molcar — Driving School.

Take a look at the short trailer at this link.

The PUI PUI Molcar — Driving School anime: what we know so far

The anime will premiere in October 2022, with the precise date yet to be disclosed. PUI PUI Molcar — Driving School is directed by Hana Ono (Studio UchuPeople), with Tomoki Misato (My Little Goat) serving as a supervisor. Shōta Kowashi is composing the music.

Just like the title says, the plotline is set in a driving school, which resembles a theme park, according to the first announcements.

PUI PUI Molcar — Driving School is a sequel to the PUI PUI Molcar stop-motion anime series that aired in 2021 and to a short movie released in July 2022. Both shows were produced by Shin-Ei Animation (Doraemon) and Japan Green Hearts, with Hana Ono in charge of the storyboard.

Like the S1, PUI PUI Molcar — Driving School will use stop-motion animated puppets made of wool felt and feature the same four main characters, namely Peter, Hii, Fuu, and Mii, all of which are depicted in the new key visual.

A PUI PUI Molcar key visual. Pic credit: the Pui Pui Molcar Twitter.

The plot follows guinea-pigs-turned-cars, focusing on their antics. There are various references to famous movies, which provide comic relief. Episodes are short, sweet, and educational and comprise two-minute-long plotlines followed by a short animation segment.

The PUI PUI Molcar timeline

Just back in May/June, the first PUI PUI Molcar season was made available via the anime’s official YouTube channel.

Originally, the series aired on TV Tokyo’s Kinder TV as puppet anime creator Tomoki Misato’s directorial debut, premiering in January 2021.

Netflix streamed PUI PUI Molcar S1 worldwide in four compilation episodes back in 2021.

PUI PUI Molcar is the first TV anime series produced by Japan Green Hearts — the studio founded by Misato and Wit Studio (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) in December 2020. Misato had made a couple of short films prior to PUI PUI Molcar but only came to public attention in 2018 with his award-winning short My Little Goat.

In addition to Misato, animators working on the first season of PUI PUI Molcar included Makoto Takano, Ikuko Iwatsuki, Michiko Kaihatsu, Kei Sato (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III), and Harune Satō. Shōta Kowashi composed the soundtrack for S1 as well.


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