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Maya Hawke would ‘love’ to see Eddie return as a ghost in Stranger Things season 5


Stranger Things season 4 is available to stream on Netflix. Now that most people have already watched the explosive fourth season, they’re looking for any new information about the upcoming Stranger Things season 5. Actually, many people have come up with their own ideas of what they think could happen in the fifth and final season, and a lot of the fan theories aren’t far-fetched. Maya Hawke, who plays Robin Buckley in the sci-fi series, has even discussed what she hopes to see in the fifth installment, and it involves fan-favorite character Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn).

Spoilers ahead from Stranger Things season 4 volume 2!

There was so much that happened in Stranger Things season 4, but nothing quite hurt as much as watching Eddie Munson sacrifice himself to help the rest of the Stranger Things gang defeat Vecna in the season finale. Viewers were hoping the rocking metalhead would somehow survive the Demobats attack, but sadly, this wasn’t the case.

Still, fans are holding hope that Eddie will return in Stranger Things season 5 in some capacity. One fan theory that was recently swirling around involved Eddie returning as a vampire in the fifth season. Another fan theory involved time travel, where Dustin would go back in time to try to save Eddie. The actor behind the character, Joseph Quinn, has even come up with a way that we could see the return of Eddie. Quinn spoke with Radio Times and said that maybe Eddie could be a figment of Dustin’s imagination.

Now, Maya Hawke has expressed in a new interview that she would love to see the return of Eddie as a ghost in Stranger Things season 5.

Maya Hawke would love to see Eddie return as a ghost in Stranger Things season 5

Maya Hawke spoke with NME and expressed how she felt about Eddie’s demise and that she would like to see him come back in season 5. First, Hawke talks about how she sympathizes with fans who want to see Eddie return. But she also speaks about how the show can’t keep killing characters off and then bringing them back because that would eventually become annoying for fans.

However, if Eddie was to return, Hawke hopes that the Duffer Brothers could find a way to bring him back as a ghost just because she thinks Joseph Quinn is a great actor and is so much fun to have on set. She tells NME that filming next season without him will be like “losing a weird limb.” I mean, stranger things have happened in the sci-fi series. So, Eddie returning as a ghost could definitely be a possibility. But, of course, it’s all up to the Duffer Brothers.

In the interview, Hawke also talks about what she would like to see for her character in Stranger Things season 5. Hawke says she would love to see Robin get to kiss somebody she likes in the fifth season. Could Hawke be talking about Vickie (Amybeth McNulty)? I guess we’ll find out in the upcoming fifth season.

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