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Cause of death a chronic medical condition


Solo Leveling manhwa chapter 10 panel, showing sunjinwoo crying.
Solo Leveling manhwa chapter 10 panel, showing sunjinwoo crying. Pic credit: KakaoPage

Fans of webcomics and manga are currently in mourning over the passing of a cherished artist. According to reports from South Korea, the Solo Leveling artist died on July 23, 2022.

Seong-rak Jang (Sung-rak Jang), also known as Dubu, was only 40 years old. Redice Studio, the Webtoon adaption studio where the artist worked, released the news of Dubu’s death.

The news echoed through the industry.

“We are saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Sung-Rak Jang, also known as DUBU, the artist of the Solo Leveling comic. We thank him for his great contributions and extend our condolences to his loved ones.”

– Yen Press

According to the Redice studio‘s statement, the renowned illustrator suffered from an undisclosed chronic condition. The cause of death was a brain hemorrhage directly linked to that illness.

The passing of Dubu

Dubu’s family and close friends were present at a private funeral service that had already been held. The studio thanked readers for their support of Jang-Sung Rak and said that the writer cherished both his readers and his work.

On July 23rd, 2022, the artist of the Solo Leveling manhwa, Mr. Sung-rak Jang has passed away due to health issues.

As his family wished, a small funeral was held at his mother’s residence, attended by family and close friends.

Mr. Jang had been struggling with a health condition for a long time, and he passed away from cerebral hemorrhage stemming from his condition.

We would like to thank the readers for all the love and support you’ve shown for Solo Leveling, and we ask that everyone prays for Mr. Jang to rest in a better place.

The staff of Solo Leveling and all of us at REDICE Studio pray for Mr. Jang, who always held a deep love for his work and the readers.



 The farewell message by Redice Studio
The farewell message by Redice Studio to fans. Pic credit: Redice Studio

Beginning his career, The Solo Leveling artist worked on a wide range of comics and manhwa, including the Space Dandy manga and the original series Beautiful Legends. The artist’s studio, Redice, was frequently the only name listed on the artwork.

However, Dubu’s biggest success came in 2018, when he began creating the webtoon version of Solo Leveling, a web novel series by author Chu-gong. Dubu’s work is credited with making the Solo Leveling webcomic a huge success on a global scale thanks to its attractive visuals and energetic action. The original Korean webtoon has received over 48 million views as of the time this article is written, and its English version, which is housed on Tapas, has received an additional 9.8 million views.

Solo Leveling official anime promo poster
Solo Leveling official anime announcement poster. Pic credit: Crunchyroll

Solo leveling manhwa plot and more

With the release of its 179th and last installment in December 2021, the Solo Leveling webcomic ended its illustrious existence. Solo Leveling follows the tale of Sung Jinwoo, a young man who has a reputation for being the least effective and weakest hunter. The story is set inside a universe where humanity is continuously guarded against terrible monster attacks by skilled warriors known as hunters. When Jinwoo comes upon a program called System that enables him to level up his powers beyond what was previously thought possible, everything for him changes.

A-1 Productions and Crunchyroll are now working on an anime version of Chu-gong and Dubu’s work. When the anime was formally debuted at the 2022 Anime Expo, Dubu released a statement expressing his delight at witnessing an animated version of his writing.

“Finally, Solo Leveling gets its anime adaptation. It feels like only yesterday that we got the offer for the anime adaptation. When I consider that the anime is actually being developed right now, I feel so overwhelmed. All of this is a result of your love and support for solo leveling, fans. I’m overjoyed with gratitude. I sincerely appreciate it. Please assist the animation production crew as well. I’ll be overjoyed if this anime provides readers with new enjoyment.”

– Dubu, Solo Leveling webtoon artist

This heartbreaking news is hitting fans hard, as Solo Leveling has become Dubu’s last gift to the world.


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