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Does Dream get his sand, ruby, and helm back in The Sandman?


The Sandman is finally streaming on Netflix. The fantasy series follows a powerful, immortal being named the Sandman, also known as Morpheus and the King of Dreams, ruler of the Dreaming. After being imprisoned for 105 years, Morpheus escapes his captors and embarks on a journey to find his stolen tools and restore his power. But does he get his stolen artifacts back?

Spoilers ahead for The Sandman

Once Morpheus (Tom Sturridge) breaks free from imprisonment, he heads back to his realm of the Dreaming to find his kingdom now in disarray. He tries to repair his kingdom but is unable to do so because he’s not strong enough without his tools. So, Morpheus talks to the Fates to find out where all his stolen tools are.

Morpheus finds out that his bag of dream sand was last purchased by a magic user named Johanna Constantine (Jenna Coleman). Next, his helm was traded to a demon for the Amulet of Protection. Lastly, his ruby was passed from Ethel to her son, John. After getting all the information he wanted to know, Morpheus sets out on a mission to track down his tools.

Does Dream get his sand, ruby, and helm back in The Sandman?

No. Morpheus only gets two of his tools back. Morpheus’s first stop is London, where Johanna Constantine lives. Once Morpheus meets up with Johanna, Johanna tells him that she doesn’t have the bag of sand. She explains to him that she accidentally left the bag of sand at her ex-girlfriend’s (Rachel) house. Johanna and Morpheus travel to Rachel’s house and find her on her death bed with the bag of sand in her hand. Morpheus takes the bag of sand and puts Rachel out of her misery by letting her die peacefully with her last dream being of Johanna.

The next stop for Morpheus is hell to reclaim his helm. While in hell, Morpheus meets Lucifer and Mazikeen. However, they don’t help him find the demon who has his helm. Instead, Morpheus uses his bag of sand to summon the demon. Once the demon is summoned, Morpheus asks for his helm back, but the demon refuses to give it up. Instead, the demon challenges Morpheus to a duel where the winner gets to keep the helm. Both Morpheus and the demon get to pick who they want to represent them in the fight. Morpheus chooses himself and the demon chooses Lucifer to fight in his place. Ultimately, Morpheus wins the duel and gets his helm back.

Morpheus’s last stop is a storage facility where the ruby is being stored. Once he arrives at the storage facility, he finds the ruby inside a box. As he holds the ruby, he realizes that it’s been altered. Suddenly, Morpheus is thrown back into a wall and knocked unconscious as the ruby falls to the ground. Later, John Dee shows up and takes the ruby. This is when we find out that John is the one who altered the ruby.

With the ruby in hand, John heads to a diner. While at the diner, John uses the ruby to drive people insane and commit suicide. Then, Morpheus shows up and tries to take the ruby back but John refuses. So they settle the issue in the Dreaming. Initially, John overpowers Morpheus with the ruby, but once he shatters it, its power returns to Morpheus. John thought that destroying the ruby would kill Morpheus, but it just made him stronger. In the end, Morpheus takes mercy on John and doesn’t kill him but instead brings him back to the hospital.

Unfortunately, Morpheus could only get his bag of dream sand and helm back in his possession, not his dream ruby.

The Sandman is streaming now only on Netflix.


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