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How is Rose related to [SPOILER] in The Sandman?


There were many shocking reveals in The Sandman, but finding out who Rose was related to definitely took the cake. Who are the mystery people, and how is Rose related to them? That’s no problem for us! We answered both of these burning questions right below.

Major spoilers ahead for The Sandman

Rose Walker is officially introduced in episode 7. She’s a 21-year-old woman who recently lost her mom and is on a mission to find the brother she was separated from many years ago. While staying in an apartment paid for by her late mother, Rose receives an invitation from a mysterious foundation requesting her presence in London.

Rose doesn’t really have any money since she’s jobless. Fortunately for her, the mysterious foundation paid for everything. All Rose needs to do is show up. Rose decides to take her neighbor and friend, Lyta, with her on the trip. When they finally make it to the location where the mysterious foundation is, they discover that the place is a private care home for the elderly. Although they were confused by the location, they still entered the house.

Rose and Lyta are taken to a woman named Unity Kincaid. As Rose looks around Unity’s room, she notices a dollhouse that looks brand new. Unity explains to her that it’s actually old and was a gift for her twelfth birthday. Unfortunately, she never got to play with it because on her birthday, she fell ill with encephalitis lethargica, a disease that caused her to be in a deep sleep for a very long time. Unity also mentions that within her dreams, she lived a wonderful life where she met a man with golden eyes and had a baby. However, when Unity finally awakened from her deep slumber, she found nothing was real other than her having a baby.

Is Unity Kincaid related to Rose in The Sandman?

Yes! While Unity Kincaid was suffering from the sleeping disease in a hospital, she had a baby girl who was later given up for adoption. Her kid went on to have a daughter of her own named Miranda Walker when she got older. Miranda Walker is Rose’s mom. This means Unity Kincaid is Rose’s maternal great-grandmother. But who fathered Unity’s child?

Who was the father of Unity’s baby?

In the last episode of the season, we find out that Desire of the Endless (Mason Alexander Park) was the father of Unity’s child. This means Desire is Rose’s other maternal great-grandparent. When Dream (Tom Sturridge) was imprisoned, Desire took advantage by doing whatever they wanted. It’s implied that Desire raped Unity when she was under the sleeping disease.

Desire fathered a child with Unity because they knew that the child would become the dream vortex and Dream would be forced to kill it. If Dream were to kill the child, he’d be killing a member of his own family, which is considered an unforgivable offense. Fathering a child with Unity was all a part of Desire’s plan to take down Dream.

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